Hydraulic Cylinders and Units for passenger lifts
Hydraulic Elevator Market is expanding very fast in Iran. Thanks to inevitable merits such as high safety, power consumption reduction, lower maintenance costs, flexibility of car and machine-room
Design and smoother movement comparing to Traction Elevators, Hydraulic Elevators are popular in developed countries and according to statistics more than 70% of up to 5 story buildings are using this product. In Iran, also end users are getting familiar with this concept more and more.
In order to deliver high quality products engineering knowledge, experience and high quality components are inevitable. Hiring skillful staff, in-service training and supplying components directly from qualified brands, Behyad is now one of leading manufacturers of this market in Iran. Blain Hydraulic Valves (Germany), Seim or Settima Screw Pumps (Italy), SB or Elmo submersible motors (Italy), Simrit sealing elements (Germany) are some of high quality components we are using in our Cylinders and Units.
EN81-2 is main Standard in designing and calculating Cylinders and Units in Behyad.
Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is to propose our valuable customers, system solutions for their projects. Thanks to outstanding experience of different hydraulic system installation, (we do not install anymore) we are able to support our customers from Beginning of Hydraulic Elevator Project to the end, preparing them detailed drawings of Construction, Frame, Mechanical and Hydraulic phase.
Our Mission is to make life easier for Installation Companies.

Hydraulic cylinder and unit components

Row Component Brand Origin Technical Spec
1 Rod Cromsteel Romany Grinded or Chrome Plated
2 Tube Omer Italy St52
3 Packing Simrit Germany PU
4 Valve Block Blain Germany 0.5” to 2”
5 Motor SB – Elmo Italy 1.5Kw-30Kw
6 Pump Seim- Settima Italy 8Lpm-300Lpm
7 Rapture Valve Blain Germany 0.5” to 2”








Blain Valves


پمپ SEIM  ایتالیا

Screw Pumps

موتور های مستغرق در روغن SB و Elmo  ایتالیا

Submersible Motors

 Honed tubes

Grinded hollow shaft



Cylinder & Unit Form