According to EN 2006/42EC standard, lifting speed of Home Lifts is Max 0.15 m/s. Thanks to compact structure (Min required space 100×100 cm), these machines are good solutions for the houses which have been constructed in the past and have no special room for lifts. They can be installed in the unused space of the building such as stair eye spacer, frontage or the yard. They are available in either monophasic or 3phase drive.
We are supplying complete hydraulic system including Cylinder, Unit, Hose & car-sling. These components are also supported by detailed drawings of constructional, mechanical & Hydraulic phase of the project




Home Lift: A creative safe solution for your comfort


 What is home lift

Home lifts are small lift with Max 3-person capacity with monophasic power supply. they are fabulous for houses with no forecasted room for elevator. They are being used for low rise buildings.

Home lift Advantages

High safety

Low noise


Low power consumption


Easy, fast installation

Interior Home lift

Shaft dimension: 80*60

Cabin Dimension:40*40










Exterior home lift

Shaft dimension: 120*100

Cabin Dimension:80*80

Capacity: 3-Pearson